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The Sons of the American Revolution is an organization of men who are lineally descended from at least one person who contributed to the cause of American Independence.  It is a lineage society, an historical society, and an educational society.
    The Washington State Society SAR is composed of over 400 members in eight chapters, listed to the left.  
    The Washington State Society SAR, or WASSAR as it known to its members, is governed by an Board of Directors consisting primarily of officers elected annually by the membership.

Armed Forces Day Parade, Bremerton, Washington, May 17, 2014
SAR, DAR and C.A.R.

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Pictured above is the Washington State SAR Color Guard at the                      
                   Military Services Appreciation Parade in Tacoma WA, 24 August 2013                      

SAR members from the Alexander Hamilton Chapter, Cascade Centennial Chapter, John Paul Jones Chapter and Seattle Chapter join in participation at the George Washington Memorial Celebration at the University of Washington on Presidents' Day, 2012.

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